Clips4Sale Extravaganza!

So, my clips4sale store is getting pretty awesome, with a total of 19 clips for you to choose from, its a variable smorgasbord of pussy, ass and feet! Hehe

Included but not limited to: foot worship, age play, crushing, public masturbation, public nudity, reality porn, silliness, boobies, ass play, squirting – Hell I even put D&D dice up my pussy and role a perfect 20! Trust me, you gotta see this!

There is literally something for everyone and I hope that you will come check it out and make it possible for me to keep on doing this awesome fun stuff!

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Public Masturbation!

I'm about to take my panties off!

Yesterday I shot a public masturbation clip for my Clips Store. Its a super hot video! I do some crushing, some seductive smoking and then of course all kinda of highly public place masturbation. I almost get caught several times. Come check it out!!

Pretty girl, being naughty!


So go to NOW and get you some.

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Hey everyone! So, I recently started camming on a site called … It is so much fun! So, if you’d like come and see me – just search sashaknox and you’ll find my profile and schedule. I will be on all day to day starting at Noon!

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Dubstep, Clown Sex, Craziness.

Hi everyone! How is January treating you? I am enjoying the super warm weather LA is giving us lately. A few days ago my crew and I attended a underground-ish huge Dubstep Party. The theme of the night was “Sexy Clowns” So, I dressed up in my most sexy, evil clown outfits, covered my face is black paint and red blood and went out on the town. It was a fun night, but coming home was the best part of the night. I was so horny for some reason, probably cause of all the sexy clown girls bouncing around all night, that I had to get off in the bathroom as soon as I got home. Luckily I had a friend there to film it. And guess I what? I squirted! Woot!

Go check it out!

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Upcoming “Little Sasha” movie

I’m having so much fun shooting in the New Year for my Clips4Sale store and we are shooting a little bit of everything. You know, get all your fetish needs at Sasha Knox’s Clips4Sale store! Hehehe. Today we shot an extended Age Play shoot. It should be up and available for you with in a few days so check in often!!! Here are a couple stills from the shoot. I am so cute, I just gave myself a cavity.



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My clips4sale site is fully active and bursting with clips!


The thought of you masturbating to me makes me so hot I can hardly stand it. Amateur, home grown all natural fetish fun!

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New Years Eve Fuck and Spank!

Happy New Year everyone! 2011 is going to be an amazing year and I thought it would be right to start if off with naked pictures of me after I just got fucked and spanked. Enjoy!

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